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Client Comments
"This Xmas, I got my biggest check ever more than I have gotten in 15 years. My daughter has done without so much and you just bought her first car thanks with all my heart." [$4,872 collected] -
Full story

"Your agency accomplished in 6 months what the government sponsored child support enforcement agency couldn't do in 4 ? years!!!" [$11,510 collected] -
Full story

"I find the people at CSN to be very professional, yet personable and having a strong sense of dedication and loyalty to their clients." [$14,650 collected] -
Full story

"I was just about to file for bankruptcy and you saved me from that. My son and I truly appreciate it." [$8,893 collected] -
Full story

"I wanted to say thank you. I had been divorced for more than 11 years and was not able to get any child support. It was truly amazing how fast you were able to get results." [$8,200 collected] -
Full story

"Thank you for putting his feet to the coals." [$1,975 collected] -
Full story

"This morning I received a check for nearly the full amount. I was surprised at how fast your agency works." [$14,982 collected] -
Full story

"I need to write this in appreciation to your company for the outstanding job of locating my ex after 15 years and to actually receive the very first child support payment." [$5,370 collected] -
Full story

"We love you guys for caring about us as a family, not a number on a case file." [$4,120 collected] -
Full story

"I got my first check within a month that it was promised, and had a hard time believing it." [$13,156 collected] -
Full story

"I now have 2 children (18 and 19) in college and one to soon be 17. What joy entered my life when I opened my mailbox and discovered this blessing." [$4,832 collected] -
Full story

"When my ex took off, he promised me that he wouldn't be found. You had found him within 4 months. Now he is paying faithfully with your help." [$6,784 collected] -
Full story

"My first payment came in just two short months from the time I sent the paperwork. I must confess I cried." [$8,630 collected] -
Full story

"I went to court twice with the local office only to be told that he had not been located." [$4,180 collected] -
Full story

"Now I can catch up on my bills and still provide a comfortable living for my daughter." [$7,490 collected] -
Full story

Contact Us
Dial our toll-free number at 1-800-398-0500 or
E-mail us at info@childsupport.com or
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Do I qualify for your services?
You must have a court order or divorce decree that orders payment of child, family or spousal support.
You must have an arrearage balance and no payments for 4 months.
You must not be receiving TANF welfare checks at this time.

What is Child Support Network?
Can you collect my spousal support of alimony too?
How do I get started?
How long does it take to collect?
How will I be charged for your services?
What if I don't have an address for the parent you're trying to collect from?
Will I need an attorney?
What if my children are over 18?
Will information about me and my children be released to anyone else?
How can I be sure the payments will keep coming?
How can I calculate the amount of child support that I should receive each month?
How do I contact the state office of Child Support Enforcement in my city?
Where can I find my state's laws relating to child support?
Can you help of the non-paying parent is in jail?
What can you do if the non-paying parent resides in a foreign country?
Can you help if we are currently receiving regular payments from any source?

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In The News
CSN collects $14,000 in back child support from retirement account - full story
Child Support Network collects $15,000 in 3 weeks! - full story
Child Support Network does the impossible! - full story

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212 E. Osborn Rd. Suite 210 Phoenix, Arizona 85012

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